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Hello! This is my personal website, showing you my skills and abilities with computers, computer repairs, website SEO, STI, touch screen repairs, along with a little more about who I am. I do home / business computer repairs and website consulting. I can be found in and around the Largo, Florida area. Welcome to my website!
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RetroGuy ZX Spectrum anyone?
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I'm a sucker for the old games.

ZX Spectrum anyone?
I was fortunate to be presented, with my brother George, a brand-new, shiny, rubber-keyed ZX Spectrum 48K personal home computer on Christmas day, 1982. From that moment on I knew where my future lay - bashing away at keys in front of a bright, flickery shiny screen. Whether it be trying to beat my brother's high score on Daley Thompson's Decathlon, learning the many operating systems that have come and gone to opening them up to see what makes them tick, I've been there. And now I'm here.

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Article 2
WebDesign Need a web guy?
My Business Site
Project One

My Old Business Site

 Home & Business
visits around
 St Petersburg
and Tampa Bay,

This site just has my current Resume now. The domain is available for sale if you need it!


Project Three
Project Three


What's this??!?

Social Technology Integration.
Your business, everywhere, with everyone contributing.

You have a client base, regular business that you can count on. They call you, email you, and you respond. You call them, they pick up, you sell your trade.

 Now give them the ability to know when you have special offers, 'Sale Days', 'while stocks last' etc., in REAL TIME. Give them the ability to let YOU know what they need, RIGHT NOW.

Instant Social Messaging gives them the buying or selling power they need to keep on top of their game.
And you on top of their list.

Contact me for more information.

The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.
— Bill Gates
Project Four
Project Four


Already have a website but need to have it ranked higher in Google?

I can take your site and sprinkle a little
'Google Dust' over it, making it appear MUCH higher in the Google Rankings.

What would this mean to you?

More clients. More business. More money.

The service comprises of taking your current site and examining how it currently fares against Google's search 'bots' and returns advice you need to make your site easier to find by your chosen audience.

This in turn gives you the information you need to turn your site into a world beater.

Contact me for more information.

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Touch Screen Repairs
Scottish History Find OutMore Scots History
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Project Six

My YouTube

 Yes, I have an account there..
 It's not very exciting so I wouldn't hold your breath.
 Unless you're
swimming underwater.

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